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“Legendary Dragon” magnificent silver ring


Sterling silver. Hand made.

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Plenty of legends are surrounding dragons. They are depictured as villains in fairytales that are guarding princesses and burning down whole towns. In some cultures dragons are believed to be able to control weather and bring storms. Dragons are often associated with elemental fire. Fire is a force for destruction, but it is also a rejuvenating and renewing force. Dragons can be connected with death and destruction as well as rebirth and purification.

As a spiritual animal Dragon often represents strength, wisdom, conviction, bravery, loyalty and enthusiasm.

Do your friends often come to you for advice? This is common for those with dragon energy. People feel a natural attraction to your wisdom and trust your judgment. You can see both sides of every situation and offer a fair assessment. You are also an excellent mediator, often able to diffuse tense situations with your calm demeanor.

If you have a dragon spirit animal, you are intelligent, brave, and can overcome any obstacle in your life. You are confident and always ready for anything that comes your way. Others miss things you notice right away; your intuition never steers you wrong. Dragons also have great patience, which is necessary when pursuing your goals.

The dragon is also a symbol of good luck in many cultures. If you have this spirit animal, those good things come quickly to you. You may have a natural talent or a gift for making money. Whatever the case may be, you should feel grateful for your good fortune and use it to help others.

We created this magnificent ring with a flying Dragon as a symbol of Power. Let it be your personal Guardian, mighty and lucky. Highly detailed, heavy ring (average weight 16-20 g). Ask for your size, if we don’t have yours.




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Sterling silver

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No stone


17,0, 18,0


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