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Runic protective amulet “Ice Shield”


Sterling silver, blackening, gold-plating.

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ICE SHIELD Runic Amulet
The runic formula is based on the Sun symbol Sonnenrad. This is a symbol of not just the Sun, but the entire Universe, symbolizing that after darkness there always comes dawn. On the 8 rays of it there are located several runes:

Isa, stopping and freezing the effect of negativity, damage, the evil eye, and everything else.

Hagalaz, destroying negativity.

Turisaz, returning negativity to the author.

On the back of the amulet is Triquetra – a powerful ancient symbol that combines the life-giving natural elements, the parallel Worlds of Midgard, Asgard and Utgard, as well as the three main essences of man – his body, soul and inner spirit.

Amulet is made of sterling silver, and has blackening and gold-plating.

Sterling silver.


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Sterling silver

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