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Silver Griffon pendant from the totem collection, P-8081


Silver pendant “Griffin” from Totem collection with cubic zirconias, partly gold-plated.

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The Griffin is the oldest unifying and sacred symbol for the Slavic, Turkic, Ugric and other peoples living on a vast territory from Europe to the Pacific Ocean on the territory of Scythia (Great Tartary, Russian Empire).
There are many images of the griffin on clothing, weapons, horse harness, vessels, jewelry, tattoos, as well as descriptions of it. And what is interesting – the griffins were described not as a fabulous creature, but as a real creature – they described in detail: habitat, nesting method, method of obtaining food. An interesting fact: in the Latin-speaking tradition, when it came to talking about griffins as creatures living somewhere on the outskirts of the world, griffins were almost never mentioned in the singular and the authors designated them as gens (Latin: people, tribe, species), which was more used in relation to communities of people than animals. It was Herodotus who did not mean monsters by griffins, but communities of people. Perhaps it was this word usage that influenced the identification of griffins with a certain people living in the north. In medieval writings and on maps of the XII-XIII centuries you can find the expression “bad people of vultures.”
In the Middle Ages, the griffin symbolized the combined qualities of an eagle and a lion – vigilance and courage. The animal-bird essence of the very image of the griffin testifies to its generalizing character, to the fusion of the idea of heaven with the idea of terrestrial nature and, above all, of its flora. The griffin was considered by the Russian people of the era of Igor and Svyatoslav as the master of nature, the executor of the will of the highest invisible power.
Usually, griffins were described as ferocious and dangerous creatures, however only for those who invade their domain. In the ancient Egyptian tradition, the griffin combined in his image of a lion, personifying a king and a falcon, which was a symbol of the sky god Horus. In the era of the Old Kingdom, the griffin was a symbol of a victorious ruler who “walks on the trembling bodies of his enemies.”
In Greece, the griffin symbolized power, confident in its strength, but at the same time shrewd and alert. They believed that griffins are messengers of the gods and are able to protect peoples from future troubles. The nature of the griffins was also different. In general, the griffin was a proud, brave and freedom-loving beast that did not recognize anyone’s domination.
All the symbolic characteristics of the griffin and its totemic qualities can be attributed to both a whole community of people and an individual.


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Totem Collection

Metal Type

Sterling silver

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Cubic zirconia