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White gold diamond earrings E-6688


Jewelry assembly of diamonds, collected in one flower.
14 diamonds full-cut 0.20 ct

Earring weight: 1.41 g
white gold 14 kt

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Laconic, but exquisite earrings are an important detail in a woman’s look. It completes the perfect combination of stylish outfit, eye-catching makeup and hair, and a special feminine charm that can captivate anyone. Small “raspberry” earrings may not immediately attract attention and will not look too catchy, but at some point they will eloquently emphasize the taste of their owner – elegant and aristocratic. 14 full-cut diamonds of 0.20 carats are assembled into a delicate flower. Noble white gold 585 is charmingly combined with diamonds, creating a stylish, timeless composition with a touch of royal fashion.

White gold is universal in terms of compatibility with the type of appearance, but it should be noted that girls with red or dark hair, light eyes and skin will be able to reveal new facets of their beauty with such decoration. Gold earrings can add charm to any look, and when it comes to cold white metal with sparkling diamonds, there is no risk of making a mistake.

Flower earrings of this type are suitable for any face shape – oval, square, “heart” or round. This jewelry is self-sufficient and capable of attracting glances in any images – everyday and festive. Delicate earrings can appropriately emphasize the owner’s good taste in a strict business look, and in combination with a stylish pendant, they will become the basis for an elegant evening outing.

Earrings will beautifully “play” with a collected hairstyle with barely wavy curls that stand out from the bun. At the same time, a miniature jewelry will not be lost even in long flowing hair – one deft gesture of laying curls behind the ear and the eyes of others are riveted by your diamond earrings.

Presenting gold earrings with 14 diamonds as a gift, there is no doubt that your girl will be delighted. Refined, relevant, expensive have a stunning design and are comfortable to wear. The universal stud clasp is comfortable to use, you can remove and put on the jewelry without assistance, the fastening is secure enough not to worry about losing the jewelry, and the weight of 1.41 g is not felt on the ear.

Jewelry with diamonds is the choice of bright and strong personalities who know what they want from life and are ready to demonstrate it to others. They can handle any challenges, and when they are overcome, such women always remain on top. Their charm is felt on a subconscious level, they do not give out all their cards at once, but confidently and consistently conquer those around them with their strength, which is amazingly combined with feminine tenderness and charm. For such a woman, diamond earrings in a laconic and restrained, but incredibly elegant design are the best fit. Let your woman, like this flower in a diamond earring, open up and conquer the world.

Each piece of jewelry of our production is a guarantee of quality and unique design. Delivery is carried out worldwide on favorable terms for each buyer. Buying directly from the manufacturer, you can be sure of the justification of the price and quality of service. We create each jewelry with soul and really want it to bring the best emotions to beautiful women.


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Additional information

Metal Type

White gold 14 kt

Stone used



Classics, Laconic