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The Great Fenix necklace N-8116


Silver, rhodium coating, gold-plating.

110 crystals in manual setting.

For the moment is out of stock, but it can be pre-ordered. It will take 3-4 weeks approximately to make a new one for you.

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One of the most legendary creatures – Fenix – is well-known all over the world. It is the symbol of rebirth and new life.

Sometimes you can start your new life only after total “burn to ashes”.

This mystic bird presents in many mythologies of the world: for example in Ancient Egypt is was a symbol of Ra, his soul.

When the ancient Egyptians imagined the sun in the form of a bird, its movement through the sky during the day was compared to flight. So, in Heliopolis, the center of the solar god Atum, who later merged with Ra, a myth arose about the appearance of a luminary in the form of a phoenix.

According to the Book of Rituals of Ancient China, there are four beneficent or spiritual animals: the unicorn, the phoenix, the tortoise, and the dragon. Phoenix embodies both yin and yang. The male (“feng”) is yang, the solar principle, a fiery bird. In the female hypostasis (“huang”), the phoenix means beauty, subtlety of feelings and peace, yin, feminine, lunar principle. The appearance of a phoenix was considered an extremely auspicious sign, signifying peace, prosperity, beneficent rule, or the appearance of a great sage.

In Japan, the phoenix is the Sun, directness, loyalty, justice, obedience.

According to Greek tradition, the phoenix was the image of the rising sun, a symbol of renewed life through fiery death.

Among the Romans, it symbolizes the divine origin of the Roman Empire, its rebirth and eternal existence.

In the Christian world, the phoenix means the triumph of eternal life, resurrection, faith, constancy; it is a symbol of Christ. In early Christianity, the phoenix is constantly found on gravestones: here its meaning is victory over death, resurrection from the dead.

Our Fenix necklace also is associated with some kind of mysticism. It never allows any other jewelry to be casted while he is. Only one Fenix can be on the casting “tree”, otherwise it will not be casted properly or even burn down the casting box


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Totem Collection

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Sterling silver

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Cubic zirconia