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Totem pendant “Owl” P-7917


Sterling silver, gold-plating.

76 crystals in hand-setting.

Average weight 5.5 g.

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The owl is a symbol of female energy, the emblem of the moon and night. Not a single bird in the world is associated with so many secrets and legends as with the Owl.

Since ancient times, it has been enveloped in a mystical aura. This is partly due to the fact that the Owl is a nocturnal bird, and people have always perceived the night as a time of mysteries and secrets.

They called her the winged cat. She was worshiped as a deity. She was hated as the incarnation of the devil.

Ancient people believed that the Owl had great healing powers. Because of the symbolic connection with the moon, this bird is associated with fertility and seduction: the moonlight calls the Owl to hunt and awakens desire in men.

The owl is a bird of magic and darkness, able to see the invisible, the mistress of the prophetic gift and wisdom.


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Additional information


Totem Collection

Metal Type

Sterling silver

Stone used

Cubic zirconia